ADHD Essentials 1.0 

Simple Breakthroughs for Busy Parents of Kids with ADHD:
How to find clarity, heal relationships, and optimize success

An Online Workshop for Parents Hosted by Dr. Mary Wilde

Meet Your Host:

Mary Wilde, MD

Hi, I'm Dr. Mary Wilde, an integrative pediatrician and owner of Imagine Pediatrics Behavioral Health and Wellness in Southern Utah. What's an integrative pediatrician? One that takes a whole-child approach and is open to a combination of treatment strategies, including modern medicine & complementary options. I'm a parent too and ADHD has touched the life of my family personally. I know parenting can be hard, especially when extra challenges like ADHD are present. My passion is to empower parents and kids to see their strengths while building needed skills. I am so excited to share the wisdom of this panel of experts I've hand picked just for you! 
ADHD Workshop
$97 for access
3 DAYS  │ 6 EXPERTS  │ Life-Changing Insights  

The workshop includes:

  • 6 interviews + free gifts
  • Recording of the VIP Q & A with panelists
  • ​A digital copy of "Six Super Skills for Executive Functioning"
  •  An Integrative Approach to ADHD with Mary Wilde, MD
  • Parenting in ADHD: Ending the Power Struggles with Neil Brown, LCSW
  • Six Super Skills for Building Focus in ADHD with Lara Honos-Webb, PhD
  • ​Sensory Issues in Kids with ADHD with Lindsey Biel, OTR/L
  • Individualized Nutrition for ADHD with Julie Matthews, CNC
  • Supplement Considerations in ADHD with Koby Taylor, PharmD

Enjoy a preview of Julie Matthews new ebook: "Use Food and Nutrition to Improve ADHD & Autism"

More FREE gifts and resources inside!

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