More Resilience, More Peace.

Behavioral or emotional issues in kids can make parenting particularly challenging.
As a pediatrician and mom of 8, I can relate to this! If you want parenting to feel more peaceful
and joyful,
I have tools to help!

More Resilience,
More Peace.



Want a gentle, holistic approach to behavioral health and parenting? 
Dr. Mary uses evidence-based mind, body, spirit strategies for more complete healing.

I have lots of tools and resources in my bag 
just for you! 
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HI, I'M DR. MARY . . .

Even after med school, residency, and 15 years of pediatric practice, my own kids have been my greatest teachers. I have had to ask myself the same BIG questions of any parent, like, "What is my most important work as a parent?" and "How do I nurture this particular child?" 

As a pediatrician, I feel passionate about helping children build resilience. I consider one of the greatest ways to build emotional well-being in kids is to support their parents. I recognize that the traditional medical model often falls short in helping families dealing with emotional and behavioral issues. 

For this reason, I have gained additional training in mind-body medicine to provide more holistic, customized strategies. My consulting practice, Imagine Pediatrics Behavioral Health & Wellness, is situated among the beautiful red mountains of Southern Utah. I also have several online programs available to kids and parents worldwide. 

*p.s. Here's a pic of my 8 boys 
(it's a couple years old, but one of my favorites!).


The Compassion Parenting Podcast

More than employing tips and techniques, mothering is about being in the right state of soul to nurture another person. Every week, join Dr. Mary Wilde (integrative pediatrician and mom of 8) to explore the nuances of loving wisely and well. If you are a dedicated, deep-thinking parent who wants to raise compassionate & productive kids, this podcast is for you!

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"Parenthood, like life in general, is schoolhouse to the soul; the learning comes experientially. The unsettling reality is that we must keep being parents while still learning how—it is the only way one really does learn how. Rather than outward technique, it is the internal landscape of the heart that affects parenting more than anything else." -Mary Wilde, MD
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