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Your family is too important to leave parenting to chance...

Your kids need one main thing from you:
your grounded, loving presence.

But too often stress, distraction, and unresolved emotions get in the way. One of the best ways to build resilience in your kids is to develop resilience within yourself. 

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*What is grounded, loving presence? GLP is a state of being where you’re centered enough to access your greatest wisdom and deeply connect with others. It’s the foundation of effective parenting and can be learned!

Because of her transformational work with parents and children, 
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"Parenthood, like life in general, is schoolhouse to the soul; the learning comes experientially. The unsettling reality is that we must keep being parents while still learning how—it is the only way one really does learn how. Rather than outward technique, it is the internal landscape of the heart that affects parenting more than anything else." -Mary Wilde, MD
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