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Join specialists from around the country for "Whole and Healthy in 2020," a Virtual Children's Health Fair. 
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  • Day 3: Education and Media
  • Day 4: General Pediatric Issues
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This year, go from New Year's resolution to New Year's revolution!
Learn about decreasing stress, building resilience, fostering mindfulness, boosting physical activity, promoting reading skills, setting boundaries for media use, improving nutrition, and more! Set personalized goals related to nutrition, sleep, physical activity, and media use to optimize your family's health in 2020. Connect with the "Whole & Healthy 2020" Facebook group for added accountability and encouragement in your New Year's goals! 
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Our featured non-profit, "Get Outside," dedicated to getting youth active and out in nature!

GRANOGI, an outdoor adventure & wellness company--one of our health fair sponsors!! 

Our speakers have been featured many places, including: 
Mary Wilde, MD (Day 1: Family Stress Detox)
Dr. Mary Wilde, the host of "Whole & Healthy in 2020," is a board-certified pediatrician and owner of Imagine Pediatrics Behavioral Health and Wellness in St. George, UT. She has special training in mind-body medicine and takes a whole child, integrative approach to help children and adolescents build skills of self-regulation and coping through guided imagery and focused practice. She has developed the "Overcoming Childhood Anxiety" online courses, which teach mind, body, & spirit strategies to kids and families dealing with anxiety. Dr. Wilde is the mother of 8 children and the author of several books, including "Faithful Nurturing: Mothering from the Heart to the Heart." Learn more about Dr. Wilde at www.drmarywilde.com and www.imaginepediatricsstgeorge.com
Espra Andrus, LCSW (Day 1: Resilience)
Having worked as a therapist for almost 30 years, Espra Andrus is a Licensed Clinical Social
Worker in Nevada and Utah, intensively trained in DBT and a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator
for the shame resilience curriculum of Brené Brown, PhD, LMSW. Espra also has specialized
training in EMDR, trauma treatment and eating disorder treatment and is a co-author of the
book, Making Peace With Your Plate: Eating Disorder Recovery.  Espra is passionate about finding ways to combine and deliver the ever-widening range of research and brain-based tools that are being proven as effective in helping individuals find the resilience in life to pick themselves up and move forward with greater wisdom, rather than staying stuck, after life’s challenges knock them down. She is a founding partner of Life Launch Centers intensive outpatient programs serving youth, young adults, and their families in St. George, Las Vegas and South Salt Lake, which was created for this purpose. Espra led the development of the Resilience Model© that contains skills to help adolescents and young adults learn to launch before they fail to launch. 
Debra Oaks Coe (Day 1: Suicide Prevention)
Debra Oaks Coe is the lead for the the Utah Suicide Prevention Coalition’s LGBTQ work-group and co-lead of the Anti-Discrimination Committee of Mormon Women for Ethical Government. She has written multiple articles on suicide prevention for magazines, newspapers, and online publications. Coe teaches classes on suicide prevention and classes on the importance of creating a culture of belonging. She has testified for many suicide prevention related bills in Utah’s state legislature and has met with local mayors, city and county councils, as well as representatives in state and U.S. legislatures.
Tami Curtis, LCSW (Day 1: Self-Care)
Tami Curtis, MSW, LCSW is the Social Emotional Learning Coordinator for Washington County School District (WCSD). A native from northern Utah, she graduated from Utah State University (USU) with a bachelor's degree in Family Consumer and Human Development, a minor in Psychology, and a master’s degree in Social Work. She started her career working in a residential treatment center for girls being treated for eating disorders. After 4 years there she worked in the emergency department as a crisis worker while doing inpatient and outpatient therapy. She also worked as a Behavior Specialist for people with disabilities. All of her experience in treatment settings led her to schools due to her belief that early identification and intervention is the best way to help children learn crucial social emotional skills to help them cope and thrive through the rigors of school and life. Tami is the fortunate wife of an elementary school teacher and grateful mother of 3. 
Bill O'Hanlon, MS, LMFT (Day 1: Making Changes)
Bill O'Hanlon has authored or co-authored 39 books, among the latest being Out of the Blue: Six Non-Medication Ways To Relieve Depression (W.W. Norton, April 2014). His books have been translated into 17 languages. He has been a featured guest on Oprah (with his book Do One Thing Different), The Today Show, and a variety of other television and radio programs. Since 1977, Bill has given over 3500 talks around the world. He has been a top-rated presenter at many national conferences and was awarded the Outstanding Mental Health Educator of the Year in 2001 by the New England Educational Institute. Bill is a Licensed Mental Health Professional, Certified Professional Counselor, and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Bill is a clinical member of AAMFT (and winner of the 2003 New Mexico AMFT Distinguished Service Award), certified by the National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists, and a Fellow and Board Member of the American Psychotherapy Association. See www.billohanlon.com.
Kathy Flaminio, LGSW, E-RYT-200 (Day 2: Yoga & Self-Regulation)
Kathy Flaminio is the founder of 1000 Petals LLC, a training and consulting company on the science and practice of mindfulness, movement and social/emotional learning. She is the creator of Move Mindfully® yoga based sequencing for self-regulation, focus and overall well-being. Kathy holds a masters degree in social work and is a registered yoga teacher with more than thirty years experience guiding people to higher levels of holistic health and wellness. She is committed to developing products and services that provide transformative experiences for adults and youth. Kathy offers graduate level accredited courses, training over 30,000 professionals to use mindfulness and movement tools in classrooms, hospitals, home care, detention centers, and therapeutic settings. Over the past eight years, Kathy has partnered with the University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital to provide trauma-responsive yoga for the child/adolescent mental health and units. She co-authored the Teen Resiliency Program with Dr. Henry Emmons, as well as other physicians and psychologists. This program is an integrative skill-based model used to support teens with anxiety, depression, and other stress-related conditions. See www.1000-petals.com.
Ron Siegel, PsyD (Day 2: Everyday Mindfulness)
Dr. Ronald D. Siegel is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical
School, where he has taught for over 35 years. He is a long time student of mindfulness meditation and serves on the Board of Directors and faculty of the Institute for Meditation and
Psychotherapy. He teaches internationally about the application of mindfulness practice in psychotherapy and other fields, and maintains a private clinical practice in Lincoln, Massachusetts. Dr. Siegel is co-editor of the critically acclaimed text, Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, 2nd Edition; author of a comprehensive guide for general audiences, The Mindfulness Solution: Everyday Practices for Everyday Problems; co-editor of Wisdom and Compassion in Psychotherapy; co-author of the professional guide Sitting Together: Essential Skills for Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy; co-author of the self-treatment guide Back Sense, which integrates Western and Eastern approaches for treating chronic back pain; and professor for The Science of Mindfulness: A Research-Based Path to Well-Being produced by The Great Courses. He is also a regular contributor to several professional publications and is co-director of the annual Harvard Medical School Conference on Meditation and Psychotherapy. Find Dr. Siegel at www.mindfulness-solution.com.
Avital Schreiber-Levy (Day 2: Mindfulness & Minimalism in Parenting)
Avital is a Parenting Mindset Coach and imperfect Mom to four little, spirited gurus. She's dedicated to helping you be the loving parent you most want to be. Avital has an audience around the world, and her work has been published in Huff Post and is endorsed and recommended by the leaders in the Parenting space, Dr. Shefali Tsabary and Dr. Laura Markham. She's helped thousands of parents through her courses, memberships, and retreats and hundreds of thousands through her blog and podcast, found at www.theparentingjunkie.com.
Sasha Pachev (Day 2: Family Exercise)
Sasha grew up in Moscow, Russia and came to the U.S. to study Computer Science at Brigham Young University. He is a competitive distance runner of 35 years (since the age of 11). Sasha is the two-time winner of the Top of Utah Marathon and the father of 11 running children. He and his wife Sarah homeschool their children and have made running part of their family culture. The Pachevs have seen how the self-discipline gained through running has helped their children develop in many ways, including academically. Their oldest son graduated from BYU at the age of 17 with a BS degree in Applied Math and their two oldest daughters were accepted to BYU at the age of 16. The family has gained media attention for running in Crocs competitively and have done sub-6:00 average in a mile race with Sasha, Sarah, and their 8 oldest children (ages 6 through 20) participating. Sasha website fastrunningblog.com is an online community that has helped aspiring runners improve their marathon times by over 30 minutes.
Julie & Matthew Mizukawa, DMD (Day 2: "Get Outside")
Oral surgeon Dr. Mizukawa and his wife, Julie, have 6 children. He and Julie share the same passion for the outdoors and love to rock climb, mountain bike, camp, snowboard, wakeboard, hike, backpack, and anything else that gets them and their kids into the outdoors. Based on deep concern for the sedentary lifestyle choices of many youth today, they developed Get Outside, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that aims to get the community, particularly the youth, into the outdoors and engaging in outdoor recreation. There is a large body of literature that shows a strong association between outdoor recreation and improvement in physical health, as well as additional and profound effects on mental health, including decreased symptoms of depression, anxiety, ADHD, etc. Get Outside strives to help the youth: 1) Get Outside and recreate, 2) Get Outside of their comfort zones to do things that they perceive are difficult or impossible, which in turn builds confidence and character, and 3) Get Outside of themselves by performing service for the community. Get Outside has established Get Outside Clubs in many of the high schools in Washington and Iron Counties and has sponsored large events for skiing/snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, wakeboarding/surfing, and scuba diving. Proceeds from the “Whole & Healthy in 2020” upgraded memberships will be donated to help Get Outside expand its reach nationwide! Connect with the Mizukawas at getoutsideutah.org and dixieomis.com.
Anny Case, PhD (Day 3: Promoting Literacy)
Dr. Anny Case is an associate professor in the School of Education at Gonzaga University. She earned her bachelor's and master's degrees at Brigham Young University and her Ph.D. at Michigan State University. Her research interests center on language and literacy development in a sociocultural context. Before joining the faculty at Gonzaga, Dr. Case taught middle and high school in Provo, Utah. Her writing has been published in a variety of venues, including Educational Leadership and Research in the Teaching of English. Additionally, she has presented on topics related to language and literacy development at national conferences including the American Educational Research Association and the National Council of Teachers of English. Currently, Dr. case spends a great deal of time with her students in the community, where they provide rich literacy experiences for middle school students, including immigrants and refugees.

Lara Honos-Webb, PhD (Day 3: ADHD)
Lara Honos-Webb, PhD, is a clinical psychologist licensed in California. She is author of The Gift of ADHD, The Gift of ADHD Activity Book, The Gift of Adult ADD, The ADHD Workbook for Teens, and Listening to Depression, Brain Hacks and Super Skills for Teens: Building Executive Functioning to Dream It and Do It (Fall, 2020). Her work has been featured in USA Today, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, The Chicago Tribune, and Publisher’s Weekly, as well as newspapers across the country and local and national radio and television. Honos-Webb completed a two-year postdoctoral research fellowship at University of California, San Francisco, and has been an assistant professor for graduate students. She has published more than 25 scholarly articles. Visit her website at www.addisagift.com. Her online self-directed coaching program can be found here.
Jodi Gold, MD (Day 3: Social Media & Technology Boundaries)
Jodi Gold, MD, is a board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist in private practice. She is also a clinical assistant professor at Weill Cornell Medical College. Gold speaks, writes, and makes media appearances on her developmental approach to parenting in the age of digital technology.
Gold is the author of Screen-Smart Parenting: How to Find Balance and Benefit in Your Child’s Use of Social Media, Apps, and Digital Devices. She lives with her husband and three children in New York City. To learn more about Dr. Gold's work, visit www.thegoldcenters.com.
Dianne Craft, MA, CNHP (Day 3: Brain Intergration Therapy)
Dianne Craft, President of Child Diagnostics, Inc., is considered the leader in Alternative Teaching Strategies by several teaching universities. She has a master’s degree in Special Education and has over 25 years’ experience teaching bright children who have to work too hard to learn. In her quest to learn more about learning disabilities and their causes, Dianne became a Certified Natural Health Professional to better understand how an upset biochemistry can impact a student’s learning. As a nutritionist, Dianne also specializes in natural treatments for kids with sensory processing dysfunction and focus/attention issues. She has developed the successful “Three-Pronged Approach” to reducing and eliminating learning disabilities: Brain Integration Therapy, Right Brain “Healing” Teaching Strategies, and Targeted Nutritional Interventions. Parents across the country have seen their children overcome learning struggles using these tools. Dianne has created remedial programs for reading, writing, spelling and math, which incorporate her powerful midline therapy. Dianne teaches educators, psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and parents these life-changing concepts directly so they can also work with their students and children. Dianne can be found at www.diannecraft.org.
Diana Graber (Day 3: Digital Citizenship)
Diana Graber is the author of Raising Humans in a Digital World: Helping Kids Build a Healthy Relationship with Technology (HarperCollins Leadership). A Digital Literacy educator and advocate, Graber is the co-founder of Cyberwise, a leading online safety and digital literacy organization. She is also the founder of Cyber Civics, the popular and innovative middle school digital citizenship and literacy program currently being taught in 44 US states, and internationally. Diana has a B.A. in Communication Studies, and an M.A. in Media Psychology and Social Change. She has taught media psychology to graduate students and currently teaches Cyber Civics to middle school students at Journey School in Aliso Viejo, CA. She travels widely, speaking to parent groups and training teachers to teach Cyber Civics in their own schools. In 2017, the National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE) awarded her the Media Literacy Teacher Award. She resides with her family in Southern California. 
Noelle Wilhelmsen, DDS (Day 4: Oral Health)
Dr. Noelle Wilhelmsen spent her childhood in the mountains of Utah Valley and Idaho Falls.
For her undergraduate degree, Dr. Wilhelmsen attended Brigham Young University and then completed her dental education at the Ohio State University, where she received the prestigious
award in Clinical Excellence. For several years after dental school, Dr. Wilhelmsen served as the Dental Director at Mountainlands Community Health Center in Provo, Utah. She also participated in many community events, such as Give Kids a Smile, Dentistry from the Heart, public health fairs, and
dentistry for the underserved or uninsured. Currently, Dr. Wilhelmsen works at An Apple a Day Family Dentistry in St. George, UT doing cosmetic dentistry, wisdom tooth extractions, root canals, implants, and Invisalign orthodontics. Dr. Wilhelmsen loves spending time with her husband, serving in their church, and watching their four young children perform in area musical productions. Some of her favorite hobbies are traveling, snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, singing, and water color painting.

Elisa Song, MD (Day 4: Natural Health Solutions)
Dr. Elisa Song, MD is a holistic pediatrician, pediatric functional medicine expert, and mama. In her integrative pediatric practice, Whole Family Wellness, she’s helped thousands of kids get to the root causes of their health concerns and helped their parents understand how to help their children thrive – body, mind, and spirit – by integrating conventional pediatrics with functional medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and essential oils. These health concerns have ranged from frequent colds, ear infections, asthma, and eczema to autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and autoimmune illnesses. Dr. Song has taught around the world on integrative pediatrics topics for multiple podcasts and summits, including Fx Medicine Australia, BioCeuticals Australia, Integrative Medicine for Mental Health, The Center for Education and Development of Clinical Homeopathy, Academy for Pain Research, Center for Advanced Acupuncture Pediatrics, Institute for Functional Medicine, and Holistic Pediatric Association. Dr. Song created Healthy Kids Happy Kids as an online holistic pediatric resource to help practitioners and parents bridge the gap between conventional and integrative pediatrics with an evidence-based, pediatrician-backed approach.
Holly Wilde (Day 4: Healthy Eating)
Holly is a grateful mother of three wonderful children. From a young age, Holly has been acutely aware of the power of food. She has lived with food sensitivities and now has a child that lives with them also. As a result, Holly became a Raw Food Chef and educator. She lives by the wisdom from Hippocrates: Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food. She proudly admits that she has not used refined sugar in her house in over a decade. Out of her love for healthy food and natural medicine, Holly has developed the Village Health Workshop to teach healthy lifestyle to kids & teens. When not in her kitchen, you can find her walking outdoors enjoying nature or having fun with her kiddos. Connect with Holly on instagram @theheathyscoop4u.
Anjali Shah (Day 4: Picky Eating)
Anjali Shah is a food writer, published author, board certified health coach, nutritionist, mom of two, and an advocate for healthy, clean eating for individuals and families. Her work has garnered nationwide attention as she has been featured on Oprah.com, Women’s Health, Cooking Light, Reader’s Digest, CNN, Food Network, SELF, Glamour, BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, Ladies’ Home Journal, Whole Foods, SHAPE, and at Kaiser Permanente. Anjali grew up a “whole wheat” girl, but married a “white bread” kind of guy. Hoping to prove that nutritious food could in fact be delicious and desirable, she taught herself how to cook and successfully transformed her husband’s eating habits from a diet of frozen pizzas and Taco Bell to her healthy, yet flavorful recipes made with simple, wholesome ingredients. Anjali’s programs are focused on teaching individuals and families how to make healthy choices and pick the right foods at the grocery store for either weight loss or overall wellness and maintenance. After becoming a mom, Anjali expanded her programs to include strategies and techniques to combat picky eating in kids of all ages. Anjali started The Picky Eater in 2011 to make healthy food accessible, tasty, easy to make at home, and picky-eater proof. Find Anjali at pickyeaterblog.com.
Dana Obleman (Day 4: Sleep)
Dana began her private practice in Vancouver, Canada in 2003. After struggling with her own child’s sleep, she drew on her dual degrees in Psychology and Education to create The Sleep Sense™ Program, a complete sleep resource for parents which has sold almost 100,000 copies in more than 30 countries. She has been a featured speaker at major parenting trade shows, a frequent guest on radio and television programs, and her work has been highlighted in many prominent media publications. She has personally trained a global network of over 200 Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultants to carry on her work in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Namibia, Finland, and the United Kingdom, as well as the United States and Canada. Since writing The Sleep Sense Program, she has over 75,000 individuals follow her on Facebook and Instagram, her instructional YouTube videos have over 3.5 million views, her parenting blog and website average 90,000 unique visitors per month, and her weekly podcast has over half a million downloads. Today, Dana lives in Sarasota, Florida with her husband and 3 children, where she continues her life’s work to educate and empower families with healthy sleep habits. Connect with Dana at www.sleepsense.net.

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