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HI, I'M DR. MARY . . .

Even after med school, residency, and 15 years of pediatric practice, my own kids have been my greatest teachers. I have had to ask myself the same BIG questions of any parent, like, "What is my most important work as a parent?" and "How do I nurture this particular child?" 

As a pediatrician, I feel passionate about helping children build resilience. I consider one of the greatest ways to build emotional well-being in kids is to support their parents. 

I recognize that the traditional medical model often falls short in helping families dealing with emotional and behavioral issues. For this reason, I have gained additional training in mind-body medicine to provide more holistic, customized strategies. 

My consulting practice, Imagine Pediatrics Behavioral Health & Wellness, is situated among the beautiful red mountains of Southern Utah, but my online programs are available to kids and parents worldwide! 

I've created a movement taking kids and parents beyond quick fixes toward emotional healing and transformation. 
I invite you to be a part of it! 

*p.s. Here's a pic of my 8 boys 
(it's a couple years old, but one of my favorites!).


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